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Hi everyone! I only have a couple of things to post today, since I’m chest-deep in a few commissions at the moment. Those should be posted after the new year, but in the meantime, enjoy these I did for fun!

ImageFirst, I had to get some Warcraft stuff off my chest. I overheard my SO and our old guild leader talking about old times, and they spent about 20 minutes bragging on my paladin, Caelynn. Unfortunately, Cae’s not terribly modest.

ImageSecond, I’ve had this one in the works for a LONG time. It never felt “finished,” but I figure this is about as finished as it’s gonna get :\ Rissa, my gnome DK, raising her Army of the Dead >:)

ImageHere’s a cutie werewolfy girl I drew for Halloween this year! AWOOOOO

ImageFionna & Cake from Adventure Time! I can’t get over how awesome these characters are and how awesome the show is for incorporating gender bent episodes with strong, adorable, SMART female characters! The next episode (coming after the new year) features these two, and I CAN’T FREAKING WAIT.

ImageMy Guild Wars 2 Norn lady, Kailann. I’ve been wearing what I’ve affectionately dubbed the “starfish tits” chestpiece for QUITE SOME TIME now (thank you very much) and I just… don’t think it’s terribly…attractive on my huge Norn girl.

ImageAnd finally, a very fluffy holiday pic for you! I hope everyone’s holiday is restful and safe. I missed drawing this girl a LOT. I should draw her fluffy butt more 🙂

I should have a few commissions to upload after the new year!

Happy Holidays, everyone! Please devour some cookies and pies for me! ❤