These were commissioned by my friend Tami, characters from her (AMAZING) steampunk web serial, Choose. Are you reading it yet? Did you miss the link? HERE IS THE LINK AGAIN, because you should be reading it.

Hackwrench, a sassy little shonfra. Don’t know what a shonfra is? READ CHOOSE.

Captain “Handsome Hank” McCoy, the main man. Looks a little scraggly, but not a bad guy! Read more about him in Choose.

Mack (the Knife, hah!). This fella is more than a mite unsavory, best keep an eye on him.

Bones, your friendly neighborhood automaton (or “ticker” if you’re a Choose fan…can we call ourselves Choosers? Choosies?)

Nolan, a Shinra. I love this lady and can’t wait to read more about her in future Choose installments.

Jinn, a (former) Shinra warrior. Seriously, how much cooler can you get? Are you reading yet?

Snow, a(n appropriately named) dresl. Dresl? Whahuh? Read Choose and find out, buddy.

Notch, another dresl. A bad one. This guy was so much fun to draw (kitties!) but he’s even more fun to read about.

Remora, leading lady of Choose. She has a secret. What is it? I think you know what this is a link to.

To those who faithfully clicked on every link in this post, I’m sorry. BUT you’re still here, and that means you’re not reading Choose, and I can’t imagine why. Seriously, go read it. Like, now.