Yesterday was my friend Robyn’s birthday and I got caught without much to show for it :\ I have her gift but it can’t be shipped, and she’s all pregnant or whatever so she can’t do much travelling in these last few months and BLAAARGH what to do? OH YEAH! DRAW SOMETHING!

So this is Robyn riding a rainicorn. If you haven’t seen Adventure Time you probably won’t get it/enjoy it as much, but I can’t be held responsible for any head-scratching or time wasted trying to figure this image out. Anyway, I spent an afternoon agonizing over the stupid logo, and probably about 30 minutes drawing and coloring the rest. Prioritiessss~

I don’t have much else to show for what, a month? TWO? since my last post, but here are a couple of things I did for the WoW art exchange over on Livejournal:

From March’s exchange, this is Haiyde with her impish imp :b Uhh, I’m not so great at dappled shading or like…backgrounds…lighting…colors…lol. Still, it was fun to draw the imp. I’ve never drawn one before :3

And this one for the April/May exchange totally snuck up on me. What has two thumbs and hasn’t drawn a dinosaur since sixth grade? *points to self, with THUMBS, of course* THIS GIRL.  This is Tiare the draenei hunter with her devilsasur. The theme was Noblegarden in Outland, I believe? Anyway, that’s why there’s a Nagrand sky and a bunny :b Why does my shading on these always come out so dark? D: It looks good when I’m working on it, I swear :\ Maybe OpenCanvas isn’t the program for me /sadface

Anywho, I have a long weekend ahead of me, so WATCH OUT, COMMISSIONERS! MUAHAHAHAHA