I don’t have much to show, unfortunately, but I can at least post SOMETHING so no one thinks I’m dead. Also, I’ve been getting inexplicable page traffic recently I guess? Hello Googlers! *wave*

For one thing, this silly shirt design I did didn’t get approved. So I guess the HEY DON’T STEAL THIS PLEASE watermark is moot. STEAL IT! STEAL IT LIKE IT STOLE SOMETHING! That didn’t make sense and I apologize.

Other than that super tantalizing bit of news, I have some sketches and stuff.


A pretty pretty priestess! This one was done for the WoW_Ladies secret santa over at Livejournal 🙂

My troll hunter Rozsh, and her lion, Kruger. This is a new style I’m trying out! So fun.

Some guy love, for a WoW_artxchange on Livejournal. The theme was “couples” for Valentine’s, and I got these two :3 The redhead kind of accidentally looks like Conan O’Brien. I will NOT apologize XD

My baby undead priest, Aelynd (Aelynd II, Aelynd the Second, Son of Aelynd). I like to imagine her hair is green because it has accumulated some moss! So she plants flowers in it :3 She’s a nice undead ❤ This particular picture is unfinished, but I have a plan for it. The plan is codenamed “And then things got weird in Hillsbrad” because oh man, things TOTALLY get weird in Hillsbrad XD

And finally, some gobbo sketches. These are kind of lame, but I have been drawing SO MANY GOBLINS and I had to have proof. The lady on the left is my warlock, Shurlee (her sisters’ names are Maebee and Trulee. I am a dork. I know). I need practice on my goblin mens, so I doodled one of the aquagoblins (at least that’s what I like to call them) with reference.

I’ve got more commissions rolling in, and I’m steadily plodding away at the ones what TOTALLY should have been finished by now! Shame on me! There will be more art soon 🙂