Holiday Arts!


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Hi everyone! I only have a couple of things to post today, since I’m chest-deep in a few commissions at the moment. Those should be posted after the new year, but in the meantime, enjoy these I did for fun!

ImageFirst, I had to get some Warcraft stuff off my chest. I overheard my SO and our old guild leader talking about old times, and they spent about 20 minutes bragging on my paladin, Caelynn. Unfortunately, Cae’s not terribly modest.

ImageSecond, I’ve had this one in the works for a LONG time. It never felt “finished,” but I figure this is about as finished as it’s gonna get :\ Rissa, my gnome DK, raising her Army of the Dead >:)

ImageHere’s a cutie werewolfy girl I drew for Halloween this year! AWOOOOO

ImageFionna & Cake from Adventure Time! I can’t get over how awesome these characters are and how awesome the show is for incorporating gender bent episodes with strong, adorable, SMART female characters! The next episode (coming after the new year) features these two, and I CAN’T FREAKING WAIT.

ImageMy Guild Wars 2 Norn lady, Kailann. I’ve been wearing what I’ve affectionately dubbed the “starfish tits” chestpiece for QUITE SOME TIME now (thank you very much) and I just… don’t think it’s terribly…attractive on my huge Norn girl.

ImageAnd finally, a very fluffy holiday pic for you! I hope everyone’s holiday is restful and safe. I missed drawing this girl a LOT. I should draw her fluffy butt more πŸ™‚

I should have a few commissions to upload after the new year!

Happy Holidays, everyone! Please devour some cookies and pies for me! ❀








Some Art!

Just fair warning yet again, I am the worst ever at updating this site! If you want to find more regular updates from me, I suggest these places:

  • My Tumblr, which has changed recently. Charybdiss is me! I post all of my art here FIRST, and sometimes exclusively. Fair warning, though, my Tumblr also contains silly stuff, personal stuff, I-hate-everything-and-everyone rants, reblogs, and randomness. This link is my personal art tag, which I only post my art to, if you want to skip all the random junk.
  • My deviantART, which is art and nothing but art. I sometimes neglect it because dA is like this enormous entity that will swallow you whole, but I usually post art there second, and usually only finished pieces. You can add my gallery to a feed reader with this link. I think? I hope?

Feel free to keep following me here, if you like! I tend to hoard pieces to post en masse over here, because it’s much easier for me to do it all at once than to have to re-learn to format posts every time. I used to be great at stuff like this, but I think my brain is rotting or something because I just don’t have the patience for the most part πŸ˜›

Anyway, on to the art!

First, the piece I’ve been itching to share with everyone everywhere:

A commission for Tami, of Dame Vakaena from her story, Choose. This is intended to be the cover for the next installment, and I couldn’t be more pleased. I also laid out some text for this, but I’m probably not going to share until the book is out πŸ˜‰ In the meantime, please check out Tami and her wonderful stories and art. You deserve it, you’re a good person. I can tell.


The last of that enormous batch of WoW commissions I did! Those were a huge hit, and I’m considering re-opening a couple of slots before Christmas, but I’m not sure yet. Anyway, cutie gnomes and nelfs yay! πŸ˜€


I suppose if I’m gonna share one thing, I should share them all. Here’s a lion guy I doodled and still can’t remember why I finished. I think I wanted practice with bright colors and simple backgrounds, and lions are perfect because I can draw them with relative ease.


Sometimes I have cute pony withdrawals. Sue me. Pinkie Pie’s Smile! song is continually stuck in my head. No regrets ❀


Another Venture Brony! I want so badly to finish the entire cast, but I’ve been so busy! This is Triana Orpheus. I doubt she’d appreciate being made into a cute, colorful, pop culture pony, but we can’t always get what we want, Triana. Gosh.


If you’re not watching Gravity Falls, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life, but you’re wrong. Just kidding. Sort of. Gravity Falls is a perfect little show about a twin brother and sister who solve mysteries while spending the summer with their Grunkle (great uncle) Stan in Gravity Falls, Oregon. There are zombies, gnomes, gobblewonkers, and all other manner of monster and oddity for the Mystery Twins to take care of.

So this is my first fanart for the show. Mabel and Dipper Pines, the main characters, although I’ve aged them up a bit. Mabel has gotten her braces off, and they are still perfect precious siblings. I just love this show to bits, okay?

And I know that for some, “Disney” is a turn-off, particularly when it comes to TV series, but this one is fantastic, honestly. The characters are great, there’s an actual storyline, lots of mysteries and spooky stuff, TOP NOTCH animation, colors, and backgrounding, fabulous voice work, and MABEL PINES, ohmygosh. Possibly THE best cartoon character to happen in…well, EVER. Plus, it’s refreshing to watch a show in which the siblings don’t absolutely hate each other. Definitely give it a shot if you’ve got even a small bit of your childhood left in your heart. Thank me later.

Since I know you all take my advice quite seriously, I assume you’re off enjoying Gravity Falls now. I won’t keep you. πŸ™‚


More Arts!

I’ve got a huge mix of random stuff this time. If you’re wondering where I’m posting all of this stuff, you can find my more frequently updated pages here:


TumblrΒ (Warning: Although I post my art here FIRST usually, it also contains a lot of content that ISN’T mine. This content may include silly gifs, photos, other artists’ work, and general randomness)

Anyway, on to the draws!


A little tapir done sort of in the style of My Little Pony? Just a quick doodle πŸ™‚


And a quickie Twilight Sparkle because I wanted to do something quick and cute, and she’s ADORABLE OK.


Moving on down the line, here’s a commission I did of some lovely Alliance ladies πŸ˜€


And a draenei couple getting married by “Elvis”


A troll/night elf couple spend a balmy evening by the pool ❀


And my last commission of the set, an orc lady flirting with a pretty blood elf πŸ™‚


I did a few random requests on Tumblr – This was one of them. I wanted to try out a painted style to see how long it takes to complete. (SPOILER: It takes a long time :T)


Another request/trade from Tumblr. This is a friend’s SWTOR character πŸ˜€

Now for the project I’m working on. Venture Bronies! I intend to do as many Venture Bros. characters as ponies as possible. If you don’t/haven’t watched Venture Bros. yet, I’m sorry! Mostly because you are seriously missing out! Incidentally, now is a great time to pick up the show, as there will be no new episodes until early NEXT YEAR /cry cry sob sob

Anyway, on to the ponies!


The Monarchs! They are a husband/wife supervillain team! Tell me that isn’t awesome!


Brock Samson, the Swedish Murder Machine. I love Brock so much, you just have no idea.

I’m working on about a billion of these ponies at once. I have a spreadsheet with details, color schemes, and cutie marks for over 30 Venture Bros. characters right now, and I KNOW I’ve missed a couple of named characters. I really desperately want to finish all of them, but it’s slow going in between commissions and Korra doodles, so I’m trying to do them as I go along, with preferential treatment for my favorites πŸ˜€

Anyway, that’s it! All of the freshest finished art I have to show from the past few months. <3<3

New Art!

Since I’m open for commissions again, I thought this would be the perfect time to update this blog with some art from the past few months πŸ™‚

Wow, it’s been a while, and for once, I have more than one piece to show for it.

First, a commission for a dear friend of her character Maci with her boyfriend AJ. (Together, they’re Majay! Adorable, right?!)

Next, a personal practice piece of my priest, Aelynd. I wanted to try a new style, so she’s a little more detailed than I’m used to.

Next is a badge commission I did for last year’s BlizzCon. This one was a really interesting experiment in just how fast I can turn something out if I’m on a deadline. The commissioner was pleased, and she even took the time to email me from BlizzCon to let me know how well the badge went over!

((Proudmoore, holla!)

I’m unreasonably proud of this next one. I “adopted” someone in the WoW Art Exchange community a couple of months back. I think the theme was to dress the character up like their favorite NPC? Anyway, this is Idryl the warlock dressed as Blood Queen Lana’Thel, who has one of the craziest/coolest outfits in the game imo.

Aaaand finally, I’ve been working on this guy on and off for a few months, but finally got around to finishing him. QQ treeform :c

Lol, leaves :\

Anyway, I hope 2012 is going well for everyone! ❀

/goes back into hiding

Commissions are OPEN!


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I promised to update here when I could pick up a couple of fresh commissions, and the time has come!

((MISS TAMI: As always, your stuff is still happening, although slowly, m’lady <3))

I am copying my current commission prices and info from my deviantART journal because I’m lazy and I don’t know if the commission info on this site is outdated…




Clean Sketch: $7

Inked: $10

Cel-Shaded (No Background/Single-Color Background/Etc.): $15

Character (Cel-Shaded) + Simple Background: $20

Digital “Painting” (+ Full Background): $35

Additional Characters: $5 each (although this depends on several factors…just ask!)

Icons: $10 (These can be any style. I work at around 500×500 pixels for these, and will resize them for you if needed)

Anything else: Just ask!

((I may add examples later. If you have questions about pricing for something similar to any piece you see in my gallery, just ask!))



I can replicate any style of work present in my gallery, and several more! I’ll be happy to take commissions of your animal/human/alien/bugthing/whatever characters. I’m still learning, (aren’t we all?) so subject matter I’m not familiar with may take a little more time. I am a perfectionist, so I will update you along the way with progress shots to get your input/approval.

I ALSO DO DESIGN WORK. I am the art manager/head graphic designer for a locally-owned t-shirt company. This is what normally pays my bills. Commissions of this nature are welcome, just ask me about pricing!

I AM ALSO WILLING TO DESIGN YOUR TATTOO FOR YOU! I’m a bit rusty, but I did tattoo designs for a couple of years before I worked my way into t-shirt design. Feel free to ask about pricing, although it’s probably going to be similar to my regular commission prices above.



Email: xcourtkneex [at] gmail [dot] com

Paypal: xcourtkneex [at] gmail [dot] com

MSN: xcourtkneex [at] hotmail [dot] com

***Email is the absolute BEST way to get in touch with me, because I can check it from my phone, which I obsessively keep with me at all times. I don’t know why I included my MSN, I don’t think I even have the client installed anymore…***

REPLY HERE or EMAIL ME if you are interested in a commission. I prefer to hammer out prices individually anyway πŸ™‚


So there you have it! Open for business again!

Expect an art post in the very near future here. I’ve found that when I have too many places in need of updates, more than a few of them fall by the wayside πŸ™‚

Oh…you’re still here? (ART POST OMG)

…Well hey, I guess.

I think I’m finally learning that I can barely keep up with one site, much less multiple sites for basically the same purpose. I’ve started back up on deviantART with a shiny new page, and I’m still kicking around LiveJournal sometimes, mostly because I get a little more exposure. That doesn’t mean that I’m done with this site, oh no!

Just in case people were wondering whatever happened to me, and if I’m ever going to make a SIXTH POST (okay, I didn’t actually go back and count my posts, but I can’t be far off), yes, I am alive and well, just…lazy as always.

So here are a couple of things I’ve been working on since the last time I posted here:

Chibis! My night elf hunter with her lion (okay, I’m like, ridiculously proud of taming Sambas)…he…has a bad habit of running off. This time, he smelled fish. Too bad it was in a naga’s pocket.

A WIP of my warrior, Aeryth. Sure, she’s scrawny for a prot warrior, but she’ll kick an ass or two, don’t worry.

A goblin shaman for the exchange on LiveJournal. I had a ton of fun with this. Textures are awesome. So are goblins ❀

A tauren shaman commission for a very sweet lady over on LiveJournal. This one was a lot of work, but totally worth it! Tauren are so cute ❀

A tauren priest for another nice lady from LiveJournal! SPARKLIES. YES. πŸ˜€

Now for some sketches!

Aeryth is not a fan of your “gogogogogo” attitude, buddy. She’ll kindly tell you where to stick it.

Caelynn is fishing. Feyren loves shinies.

Feyren meets Maahes (Sambas)…I uh…I just wanted to draw some kitties, okay? Don’t judge me.

Feyren and her cat form…together…in one picture…somehow.

And because I just can’t help myself, here is my druid’s cat form in many various styles. Hey, I’ve still got it! …Top left is totally my favorite. Happy big-pawed kitties 4 lyfe ❀

That’s all the art for now! There should be plenty more coming in another month or two πŸ˜‰

Thanks for looking! ❀

EDIT: I have GOT TO fix my theme sometime. These are far too small and half of them are still cut off! Sorry about that! If you want to see some of the bigger, nicer pieces in full, check out my deviantART page πŸ™‚

Choose Draws!

These were commissioned by my friend Tami, characters from her (AMAZING) steampunk web serial, Choose. Are you reading it yet? Did you miss the link? HERE IS THE LINK AGAIN, because you should be reading it.

Hackwrench, a sassy little shonfra. Don’t know what a shonfra is? READ CHOOSE.

Captain “Handsome Hank” McCoy, the main man. Looks a little scraggly, but not a bad guy! Read more about him in Choose.

Mack (the Knife, hah!). This fella is more than a mite unsavory, best keep an eye on him.

Bones, your friendly neighborhood automaton (or “ticker” if you’re a Choose fan…can we call ourselves Choosers? Choosies?)

Nolan, a Shinra. I love this lady and can’t wait to read more about her in future Choose installments.

Jinn, a (former) Shinra warrior. Seriously, how much cooler can you get? Are you reading yet?

Snow, a(n appropriately named) dresl. Dresl? Whahuh? Read Choose and find out, buddy.

Notch, another dresl. A bad one. This guy was so much fun to draw (kitties!) but he’s even more fun to read about.

Remora, leading lady of Choose. She has a secret. What is it? I think you know what this is a link to.

To those who faithfully clicked on every link in this post, I’m sorry. BUT you’re still here, and that means you’re not reading Choose, and I can’t imagine why. Seriously, go read it. Like, now.




A Quickie…

Yesterday was my friend Robyn’s birthday and I got caught without much to show for it :\ I have her gift but it can’t be shipped, and she’s all pregnant or whatever so she can’t do much travelling in these last few months and BLAAARGH what to do? OH YEAH! DRAW SOMETHING!

So this is Robyn riding a rainicorn. If you haven’t seen Adventure Time you probably won’t get it/enjoy it as much, but I can’t be held responsible for any head-scratching or time wasted trying to figure this image out. Anyway, I spent an afternoon agonizing over the stupid logo, and probably about 30 minutes drawing and coloring the rest. Prioritiessss~

I don’t have much else to show for what, a month? TWO? since my last post, but here are a couple of things I did for the WoW art exchange over on Livejournal:

From March’s exchange, this is Haiyde with her impish imp :b Uhh, I’m not so great at dappled shading or like…backgrounds…lighting…colors…lol. Still, it was fun to draw the imp. I’ve never drawn one before :3

And this one for the April/May exchange totally snuck up on me. What has two thumbs and hasn’t drawn a dinosaur since sixth grade? *points to self, with THUMBS, of course* THIS GIRL. Β This is Tiare the draenei hunter with her devilsasur. The theme was Noblegarden in Outland, I believe? Anyway, that’s why there’s a Nagrand sky and a bunny :b Why does my shading on these always come out so dark? D: It looks good when I’m working on it, I swear :\ Maybe OpenCanvas isn’t the program for me /sadface

Anywho, I have a long weekend ahead of me, so WATCH OUT, COMMISSIONERS! MUAHAHAHAHA

Some new draws

Hey guys, I’m woefully backed up art-wise at the moment. Luckily, I had a few weird/random sketches laying around, so here you go. Go ahead, laugh at my weirdness :b

Purple: Boomkin. I should never have to justify drawing adorable boomkins. Ever.

Green: Shurlee, my warlock. I really want to finish just one picture of a goblin someday.

Blue: Caelynn, my paladin. She always ALWAYS gets Stonecore as her random heroic. ALWAYS. My guildies have asked me if I’m some sort of witch. I think maybe I am, except I hate H Stonecore, so I’m clearly the worst witch.

Cyan?: A female worgen uh…Ignore me.

Woooooooooo update! πŸ˜€ Β I need to plow through some more of these commissions so I can actually show some real deal finished artwork around this place :p

Because I haven’t posted since LAST YEAR

I don’t have much to show, unfortunately, but I can at least post SOMETHING so no one thinks I’m dead. Also, I’ve been getting inexplicable page traffic recently I guess? Hello Googlers! *wave*

For one thing, this silly shirt design I did didn’t get approved. So I guess the HEY DON’T STEAL THIS PLEASE watermark is moot. STEAL IT! STEAL IT LIKE IT STOLE SOMETHING! That didn’t make sense and I apologize.

Other than that super tantalizing bit of news, I have some sketches and stuff.


A pretty pretty priestess! This one was done for the WoW_Ladies secret santa over at Livejournal πŸ™‚

My troll hunter Rozsh, and her lion, Kruger. This is a new style I’m trying out! So fun.

Some guy love, for a WoW_artxchange on Livejournal. The theme was “couples” for Valentine’s, and I got these two :3 The redhead kind of accidentally looks like Conan O’Brien. I will NOT apologize XD

My baby undead priest, Aelynd (Aelynd II, Aelynd the Second, Son of Aelynd). I like to imagine her hair is green because it has accumulated some moss! So she plants flowers in it :3 She’s a nice undead ❀ This particular picture is unfinished, but I have a plan for it. The plan is codenamed “And then things got weird in Hillsbrad” because oh man, things TOTALLY get weird in Hillsbrad XD

And finally, some gobbo sketches. These are kind of lame, but I have been drawing SO MANY GOBLINS and I had to have proof. The lady on the left is my warlock, Shurlee (her sisters’ names are Maebee and Trulee. I am a dork. I know). I need practice on my goblin mens, so I doodled one of the aquagoblins (at least that’s what I like to call them) with reference.

I’ve got more commissions rolling in, and I’m steadily plodding away at the ones what TOTALLY should have been finished by now! Shame on me! There will be more art soon πŸ™‚